3 Steps to Expand your Creative Routine

Calling on creativity at-will is a tough challenge. Some people think it’s impossible. Don’t get me wrong – it’s like wrestling a bear covered in grease, especially at first, but not impossible.

I’ve had a tough time¬†with not having a “full tank” of creativity since I slaved through my higher education, whether it was just burnout or not.

The problem is that creativity and productivity are both closely linked to your energy levels throughout the day.

Sometimes you can bust through a bunch of little stuff without a problem, like doing the dishes, cleaning your desk, watching Netflix… Other times you’re antsy and can’t sit still.

And sometimes… you might daydream about Jessica Alba¬†mowing the lawn in a duck costume.

This is when you’re most creative – when you make strange connections that may or may not make sense. We’ve already talked about how to harness that time, but is there a way to generate creativity?


The Ebb and Flow of Creativity and Productivity

I was recently asked the question “Why am I creative at some times and not creative at others?”

This is actually a common concern with creatives – the ever-dreaded block. Or maybe it’s not a block, just a slump in creativity.

Regardless – it ends up being inconvenient.


Build Creativity Into Your Daily Routine

As I’m trying my damnedest to spread the gospel of creativity, I’m going to continue the rant from my last video – the review of Thinkertoys. I know that creativity, creative thinking, artistic skill, etc. – these are all pain points for most aspiring artists of any variety. Whether you’re a painter, a writer, a…


Thinkertoys Book Review

You may or may not know that the mission of DrawCore is actually creativity. Yes – I do my bestest to teach creativity through traditional drawing, but the end goal is a hub of information and exercises to foster creativity in everyone. So when I pick up a book on business creativity – it’s something…