Harness Any Emotion for Creativity

The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.
Pablo Picasso

You don’t always have to feel happy to be creative.  You might get better results when you’re happy, but that doesn’t mean you have to be in a good mood when you’re making art.

Picasso is a great example of an artist who went through different periods of art that were influenced by his emotions.

He was not always a very happy person as you can see in the art of his “Blue Period”.  He went through some tough times and he used those feelings to influence his art. He put his emotions on the canvas.


Art Therapy – Healing With Creativity

Image Credit: Art therapy in Heisa Island Aswan by rouelshimi on Flickr

We’ve already talked about how mood can change your art, but what about art changing your mood?

Some things happen in life that can bring your world crashing down.  Maybe you’ve been fighting with these problems for a long time, or you’re just now realizing that you need to move forward.

There are plenty of options to help you down the path to healing. And art therapy is one of those options.

While it might not sound like much, it has helped many people with countless problems. Myself included.

Art therapy isn’t just for people who are mentally ill, but also kids, teens and adults who are fighting with personal issues or simply in search of personal growth.


Quit Losing Pencils – Use a Brush Roll Up

As a traditional artist – you have a lot of tools. It can be difficult to keep track of every grade of pencil you have if there isn’t an easy way to identify and grab just the right one.

Unfortunately – we tend to be a cluttered bunch (according to stereotypes, anyway).

But there is hope. You can keep your pencils organized, but you have to admit something first.


Be a Happy Artist

Everyone has an off day every now and then. Our moods get sour, we get frustrated, nothing goes right.

Depending on what you’re doing while you’re stuck in this inferno of negative moods, it can have a major impact on how you function.

If you’re at work and you’re in a bad mood, it shows. Your writing might not be your best work. If you’re painting, the colors may seem darker, or the strokes are sharper or excessively bold.

This can be true for almost any emotion; it can go hand in hand with anger, sadness, even happiness.


When are You Most Creative?

Image Credit: Planner by ellajphillips on Flickr

Creativity and imagination were so much easier to harness when you were a child. Seriously.

Just close your eyes and think back to your favorite hobbies and games when you were a kid. Did you enjoy reading, drawing, hitting up the sandbox? Did you explore and pretend you were on an adventure?

Yeah – kids have boundless imaginations, but now that you’ve grown up you have pesky “responsibilities.” What a buzzkill.


Mid-Tech Tools – The Lead Holder

Before we dig into the awesomeness of lead holders, I have a question for you…

When you were stuck in that little desk in school and the teacher popped up with an assignment, what was the first impulse you got?

Well, for me and the majority of the class we would leap out of our desk and charge to that loud metal contraption nailed to the wall.

Then we would proceed to grind our pencils until they were only useful as a prison shank.