DrawCore is Your Art Classroom.

DrawCore is being developed as a free classroom dedicated to pencil on paper basics. Each bite-sized lesson will cover a different foundation, letting you to learn complex skills at your own pace.

So get ready to grab your pen or pencil, and get drawing!

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What should I expect when DrawCore goes live?


DrawCore was built on video before, and that’s not going to change. The only difference is how they will be presented and laid out.

The instructional videos will be free, and the enrolled classes will be gone to start. It’s just going to be one big library of videos where you can watch what you want, when you want.

Paid Courses

If you’re looking for more feedback on your work or want more difficult learning material, keep an eye out for the paid courses.

These courses will be presented the same way as DrawCore Basics was, back in the day. You’ll enroll, watch a video, submit your work, then, once it’s approved, move on to the next lesson.

With limited seats and a more formal progression, this will be where you can truly take your art to the next level.


Of course, the articles are coming back! When there’s an interesting topic, new product or just a piece of advice I’d like to share – expect to see an article. The first article and the first video should be going up around the same time.

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